A Love Letter to the Baltimore Chocolate Top

My Darling Chocolate Top,

I so enjoyed the time we spent together during my recent visit to Baltimore.  You always entertain my taste buds with your savory sweet personality. The combination is delightful.

When I set my eyes on you, I see a work of art. I love your perfectly coiffed chocolate icing sitting upon a simple shortbread cookie.  The contrast is striking.  Just thinking about you makes my salivary glands sing!

You are one of a kind. Having lived outside of Baltimore for 15 years now, I have searched high and low for you, but your beauty can only be found in the dessert cases of Baltimore delis.  And although there are a few imitators out there, your originality can only come from the Gourmet Bakery.

The time we have spent together over the years has been wonderful.  You’ve traveled on trains and planes with my mother to visit me.  For this I am grateful.

Stay decadent my sweet and I look forward to our next rendezvous together.




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