About Me

Hi, I’m Melissa.  When I am not at my day job as a fundraiser for an academic medical center in Philadelphia, I am in my reasonably-sized-kitchen-for-a-one-bedroom apartment baking, cooking or pouring over cookbooks.  I can also be found at one of many fine dining establishments in the city, since I love to investigate new restaurants.  When people ask me what my favorite restaurant in Philadelphia is, it is hard for me to say since I don’t go back to the same one often!  Among palate-related items, I like French Fries, chocolate chip cookies, dirty martinis, and champagne.  Other things I like are classic movies, hookah bars, and anything French. 

I live in Center City, Philadelphia with my handsome, loving, and supportive boyfriend, Dave, who thankfully is on this journey with me and also doubles as my photographer.  And my goofy, cuddly, and cute golden retreiver, Beresford aka Bere.


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